On the ORWW Project website, the word "watershed" is used interchangeably with the word "basin". Both terms refer to the area of land which drains into a named body of water. We have divided the entire land area of Oregon into the following series of basins and sub-basins.

This index is a series of links to webpages for each of the major river drainages and other primary watersheds in Oregon.

Oregon River Basins Are links to index pages for lands drained by named rivers.

Desert Lake Basins Are links to index pages for areas that drain into deserts and other land locked lakes.

Pacific Ocean Sub-Basins Are links to index pages for coastal counties with lands that drain directly into the ocean without first entering a named river.

Watersheds Flowing Into Adjacent States Lake, river, and sub-basin watersheds that enter adjacent states before entering another body of water.

River and watershed index pages include the following topics:

Agriculture & Ranching, Businesses, Cities & Towns, Counties, Floods, Forests, Geology, History, Lakes & Reservoirs, Landowners, Maps, Recreation, Schools, Water Quality, Watershed Councils, Wildlife

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