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One more time! Last Chance!

(This time we mean it)

Remember two students from each school will receive a prize!

The PEAS Top 10 contest deadline has been extended one more time.

The new PEAS Top 10 Contest deadline is now May 31, 1997. Entries will be accepted until then.

Students will be able to vote for their favorite entries from June 1, 1997 to June 5,1997.

The voting web page is under construction and will be available for viewing soon. Contest winners will be announced at the PEAS Award Ceremony (See Below) June, 6, 1997.

The Top 10 contest is designed to involve students from all grade levels and encourage use of the Internet communication system. Students compete for 11 prizes provided by several PEAS sponsors.

At least two prizes will be awarded to students from each school. First prize is a cross-platform 5260/100 Power Mac Internet computer donated by Apple Computer! Eleventh prize is the Kodak digital camera that is being used for the PEAs Project. Other valuable prizes include software and gift certificates.

Remember, you can enter as many times as you want.


An awards ceremony will be held AT 6:30 PM, on June 6, 1997 at the Philomath High School gym for all participants in the PEAS Project. This will be a great opportunity for students, teachers, sponsors, and staff to meet and review the project's accomplishments. The awards ceremony is being co-hosted by Pioneer Telephone, Inc., and NW Maps Co.

Please come and join the fun. Schedualed events include:

Award certificates will be presented to teachers and students influential to the success of the PEAS project.

Free pizza feed for all.

An Internet demonstration of the PEAS website by Virginia Smith, of Pioneer Telephone.

The Winners of the Top 10 Contest will be announced and prizes will be awarded.


David Zerull and Hervey Allen have been working on a new PEAS home page. This should be available for your veiwing soon. We are interested in your thoughts regarding the changes.

The PEAS website, including the school websites, will be maintained through June 15, 1997.

At the conclusion of this project CD Rom disc(s), containing an archive of all PEAS webpages, will be distributed to each school.

Watch the announcement page for more information about prizes and activities. Thank for participating in this educational project.

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