Alsea Environmental Science Projects


Alsea Students Fish Hatchery Project

by Chris Doig and Chaylan Savage 8th graders, and Laurie Dvorak, Alsea School science and math teacher

Over the past four years, Alsea Middle School students have embarked on an educational journey that has involved assisting Alsea Fish Hatchery workers with the raising of cutthroat and steelhead trout. In doing so, the students have been able to profit from a hands-on learning experience while helping young fish begin their incredible journey.

The students have been working at the hatchery under the direction of Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program (STEP).

While at the hatchery, students have participated in a variety of different tasks from spawning fish to clipping fins and releasing fish for the opening day of fishing season. High school students have been active in feed studies to determine the cost and nutritional efficiencies of dry versus wet food.

Students are also involved in monitoring water quality of the Alsea River and report the results to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

In May, trout that students have raised will be released above Mill Creek, a tributary to the Alsea River.

Alsea Middle School 8th grader, Sean Cox, helps Oregon Fish & Wildlife workers extract eggs from a female steelhead at the Alsea Fish Hatchery. Photograph by Laurie Dvorak.

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