The PEAS Awards Ceremony
Plan of Events and Live Updates Were Done Here!

The ceremonies are over, but please read on to get a feel for what happened and to download some images of the activities. Thanks to everyone who attended! And, thanks to all of you for participating in the PEAS project this year.
We hope that you have joined us at this page beginning at 7:00 PM today, June 6, 1997 for live updates on the PEAS Awards Ceremony. As the ceremony takes place commentary will be placed on this page and digitized photos will also be included. As the winners of the PEAS Top 10 contest are announced we will make the results available right here, to you, within minutes! For a more detailed timetable of events see the
schedule at the bottom of this page.

7:10 PM: Welcome to the awards ceremony page. It's a little after 7:00 PM and everyone has just finished with the pizza and pepsi. There was plenty of pizza for all of us. We hope you had or are having a good dinner yourselves.

Bob Zyback is currently describing the PEAS project and giving out introductions. We'll get some photos to you in the next 45 minutes. We'll also be posting a link to a page with all the Top 10 Contest winners. If you've ever wondered what Bob looks like just click on A Picture of Bob Zybach (11K) and it will load up in your Web browser. Be sure to hit the BACK key in your browser to get back to this page.

7:30 PM: We are currently watching a video overview of the PEAS program presented to us by Bruce Fraser. We are a few minutes behind schedule, but then what would an awards ceremony be if it was on time! We are also waiting for a battery for our digital camera so that we can get you some more pictures. Aah, last minute details...

7:45 PM: Virginia Smith of Pioneer Telephone is now going over the PEAS Web site and talking about her experience with the project. Another behind the scenes type of person is Zongyao Wen, or Wen, who has been key to the technical running of the PEAS project. To see Wen in action click on Wen's Picture!

7:55 PM: As we go along with the evening we would like to present one of the main benefactors of the PEAS project Mr. Wayne Giesy. Here is a Picture of Mr. Giesy and Bob Zybach (16K) during the ceremonies going on right now. Thank you for your help Mr. Giesy!

8:00 PM: As we go along with the evening we'll place a few different photos on-line. So, here's one of The Crowd at the awards ceremony.

9:00 PM: Phew! So, we took a break and everyone played on this computer and we downloaded a bunch of pictures of people here at the ceremonies. So, to look at a bunch of photos, start clicking on the links!

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10

OK, and then we took two group pictures which you should definitely take a look at.
Here they are:

Finally, we gave out the awards for the Top 10 list contest. The awards are now on-line by going to our Peas Top 10 List Contest Results page. Congratulations to our Winner, Ivy Potter of Siletz!

Thanks for your participation and we hope you enjoyed the pictures! Have a good summer!

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