Siletz River, 1939:
Farms, Clearcuts, Old-Growth, and Indian Prairies

Bob Zybach and Erik Badzinski


This report has been prepared specifically for Internet use for those interested in the forest and river history of the Siletz River, Lincoln County, western Oregon, and/or the Douglas-fir Region. The focus of the report is a series of aerial photographs of the Siletz River basin taken in July, 1939 as part of the USGS "Newport Project." Original photo prints have been scanned to a digital format, arranged by sub-basin, codified, titled, and connected by hyperlinks to a table of contents and to Siletz sub-basin web pages.

The original photographs, including annotations, are the property of Georgia-Pacific, Inc., Toledo, Oregon Division. Funding for this project was provided by the Clemens Foundation of Philomath, Oregon, the Paul Bunyan Foundation of Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc., Venell Farms, Inc., of Corvallis, Oregon, and Margaret M. Hull, of Bellfountain, Oregon.

Future versions of this report will include links to other pages and sites about Siletz River history, more complete sub-basin maps, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) formatting. Reports of 1939 aerial coverages of the Salmon,Yaquina, Alsea, and Yachats rivers are also being prepared at this time. CD-ROM versions of these reports will be made available following testing and peer review.

Table of Contents

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