Kingfisher 13

Table of Contents

Marriage in Tribal FamiliesLoni Sutter
Life of Men in the Alsea TribeJonah Browning
Boys and Girls--Coming of Age as an Alsi'Bill Barnett
Birth, Death, and Naming of Alsea IndiansDebby Wyatt
Alsea Indian Women--Clothing and AdornmentJennifer Hiscox
How Tanning Was DoneKyle Curtis
Some Alsea Indians Smoked TobaccoBill Mahr
Wealth in Tribal FamiliesBill Mahr
Hunting With the Alsea IndiansKyle Curtis
Before Reels and LuresBobby Grader
The Food of the Alsea IndiansMarshall Wray
Paddling Through Alsi' HistoryJay Schamber
What is a Shaman?Courtney Powell
Becoming a Shaman or DocterCourtney Powell
Strange SuperstitionsJennifer Hiscox
Chaotic DancesJennifer Hiscox
Games, Toys, Pets and Tools of the Alsea IndiansAdam Schreiber