Gould-McClay Family Photographs

Elk Creek landslide, forming Goulds Lake, ca. 1894. Photograph likely by George or Hattie McClay Gould. These photographs document the early historical fire history of the Elliott State Forest. Notice the blackened snags and their varying diameters, indicating successive fires; probably 1840 and 1868 were the major events. Leaning reproduction on the perimeters of the slide likely germinated after the 1868 Coos Fire. Also note the nearly complete lack of shrubs and brush. Question: Did coho, spotted owls, and marbled murrelets: 1) adapt to these changed conditions, 2) repopulate the area after conditions became more desirable, or 3) did they only recently arrive in the Elliott in conjuntion with developing habitat conditions?

The George Gould family, including McClay in-laws, first arrived at their Elkhorn Ranch homestead in 1885. They either brought a camera with them, or purchased one shortly thereafter, and began taking photographs documenting the growth of the family, the development of their ranch, and their hunting and fishing successes. Photographs were most likely taken by George, his wife Hattie, or her sister Oela McClay: the principal adults. Other photographers were likely older family members, visiting relatives, and guests. The following selection of photographs were carefully preserved by descendants, who have agreed to their display on the Elliott Forest website for historical and educational purposes. This is only a fraction of the family's historical photographs, correspondence, written history, and other memorabilia also in the process of being digitized for archival preservation purposes and to share with a wider audience.


Photography Paper 1, September 25, 1913 Photography Paper 2, 1913 West Fork Millicoma Valley, ca. 1886 Gould-McClay Family, Elkhorn Ranch, ca. 1886 (Rickard: 157) Gould Family Photos w/Names, ca. 1886

Gould Family Photo Backs, w/Listed Names, ca. 1886

Bert, Clarence, and George Jr. , Elkhorn Ranch, ca. 1890 Lucy and Millie Gould, Elkhorn, ca. 1890 George Gould, "Cowboy at Heart"

Bert and Horse, ca. 1905

Elkhorn Ranch, Winter Snow, 1889 (Rickard: i) Elkhorn Ranch, ca. 1896 Elkhorn Ranch, ca. 1896 Elkhorn Ranch House, Built 1896 Elkhorn Ranch Dining Room, ca. 1896
Elkhorn Ranch Sheep Pen, ca. 1896 Elkhorn Ranch, 1896 Elkhorn Ranch, Summer 1900 George and Lucy Gould, Elkhorn Cherry Tree, ca. 1905 Elkhorn Ranch House, ca. 1920
Tourtillot Mother and Children, May 14, 1890 Walt Tourtillot, Fishing by Elkhorn Ranch Bridge (Rickard: 159) Gould and Tourtillot Brothers, ca. 1908 Gould and Tourtillot Brothers' Names George Gould and Ernest Tourtillot, 1910 (Rickard: 164)
McClay Family, Ash Valley, ca. Goulds Lake Landslide, ca. 1894 Goulds Lake Island, 3 Fishermen, ca. 1896 (Rickard: 162) Goulds Lake Fishing Boat, ca. 1902 Lucy Gould, Goulds Lake, 1905 (Rickard: 16)

Bert's Cabin, w/ George and Bert, ca. 1905

Gould Deer Hunting Camp, ca. 1900 Deer Hunting Camp Jessie Gray Gould, Elkhorn Ranch, ca. 1900 Baby and Buck, Elkhorn Ranch, ca. 1900
George Gould, Deer, and Dog Hunting Trophies and Dog Boy and Donkey Boy and Automobile Machinery, ca. 1915 Allegany School, Teacher Belle Rich, ca. 1905
Marlow Creek Logging Camp Cooking Crew, ca. 1905 Marlow Creek Logging Camp Cooking Crew, ca. 1905 Riverview Home and Boat, Allegany, ca. 1910 California Vulcanizing Business, ca. 1915  
Gould Family, ca. 1943 Gould Family Photo Names, ca. 1943 Clarence and David Gould, Old-Growth Log, ca. 1952 Roger Ott, Goulds Lake, 1952  


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