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The following five article/editorials regarding the history and context of the "Giesy Plan" and the proposed public management of the Elliott State Forest were published in the Spring 2014, Spring 2017, Summer 2017, and Summer 2019 issues of Oregon Fish & Wildlife Journal. They were all written by Dr. Bob Zybach, who has been a regular contributor of articles and editorials to the magazine for several years on the topics of forest science, fire history, and resource management.

Wayne Giesy has been a tireless supporter of his "Oregon Plan" (aka "Giesy Plan") solution to the so-called "Forest Wars" of the western US for more than 30 years. This 2014 article provides background, insight, and some context to his continued efforts to promote this idea. It should be noted that Mr. Giesy's proposal is most accurately depicted on pie-charts B and C on the pg. 39 table (below). More information can be found here: www.orww.org/Awards/2013/SAF/Wayne_Giesy/Oregon_Plan/

A series of radio interviews with Dr. Zybach regarding the Elliott by Lars Larson and Mark Anderson can be found here: http://www.orww.org/Elliott_Forest/Research/Giesy_Plan/Interviews/


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Pg. 13. Jerry Phillips Insert w/Caption Pg. 15. Zybach-Giesy Native Tribes & Coho Streams Map Pg. 17. BLM Douglas County "Spotted Owl Circle" Map Pg. 19. Oregon/OregonLive Spotted Owl & Marbled Murrelet Locations Map  


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Summer 2019 Cover Pg. 31. "Two Old-Growth"
Pg. 33. Elliott Recreation Map
Pg. 41. SWOCC F251 Class on West Fork Millicoma


REFERENCE: Zybach, Bob 2019. "'Keep Up The Good Fight, Eric': Wayne Giesy, 1920-2019" Oregon Fish & Wildlife Journal, Vol. 41, No. 4: 31-39. [PDF_3_MB]

Fall 2019 Cover Fall 2019 Contents Pg. 31. Jerry Phillips Reserve
Pg. 33. Amity HS Basketball

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