Writing (1-3)

IdeasOrganizationVoiceWord ChoiceSentence FluencyWriting Conventions
5My idea is clear
and is strongly
supported with
important details
I have a well
developed beginning, middle, and
end. The reader can
easily follow what I have written.
I am able to
interest the reader and
the reader recognizes the
effort I put into my writing for them
I chose a variety of clear, interesting
and meaningful
I used a variety
of strong, smooth
sentences. It is easy
to read my
composition aloud
My writing is
final draft
Spelling and punctuation are
correct. My
begin in the
right places.
4My idea is clear
and has many
helpful details
I have a clear
middle, and end.
The reader can
understand what they have read
I am able to write
on the topic and
interest the reader
I used clear and
interesting words
I used strong
sentences that are
easily read aloud
My writing can
be read, but
there are some
errors to proof
and edit
1My idea is not
clear and does not
have details
I do not have a
beginning, middle or end.
The reader
might be
I would rather
write about
something else or
not at all. My
reader feels left
I used words that
were not
I can say my ideas
are more easily than I
can write them.
Most of my
sentences are short
and choppy or too
long. They are hard
to read aloud.
My writing
needs a lot of
proofing and
editing. The
reader may not
be able to
figure out what
I wrote
because there
are so many
errors in
spelling and

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