Charelle Posey

Don't do gangs thay could kill you. you could diffantly get hurt very badley. It's dangerouse for not only you more you could axadently get your family in it. It's bad for you and your health. You could die and your family could too. It's bad for everybody you know. people even you could kill your family on axadent. Other gangs could kill you even. Your own gang could kill you even. So do not be in a gang in your hole life.

About the author:

Hi my name is Charelle.

My parents names are Terry and Rachelle McAlpine and my brothers name is Adam. I would like to grow up to be a writter. Some times I watch T.V. to make up storys. Or I watch people like my mom or dad to get better ideas.

Collecting Dolls is my hobby.

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