Post-Biscuit Fire Management Study

Cooperative Data Source

The website is designed to be an independent clearinghouse and source for data and reports regarding the Biscuit Fire area generated by agency, university, and industrial scientists, local residents, landowners, and resource managers, area students and teachers, and other members of the interested public.

Data can be readily stored for general use in a variety of digital formats, including video-clips (MPG, WMV, MOV), hypertext (HTML, HTTP), text (PDF, DOC, RTF, TXT), pictures, graphs, and illustrations (JPG), spreadsheets (XCEL), GIS, LIDAR, and sound recordings (MP3). As other types of digital data are created, and as other types of software are developed using newer generations of acronyms, existing data can be readily modified and remain available as the new types, functions, and formats come into more general use.

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