Coquelle Trails

Tsp. 26 S., Rng. 13 W.


General Land Office Survey Index


1857 GLO
1872 GLO
1873 GLO
1862 DLC

1872 DLC

1898 Annotated USGS Coos Bay
2012 Coos Bay District



This township is entirely within the boundaries of the 2011-2012 Coquelle Trails Project. It includes an unnamed peak at an elevation of 0495', Elliot Creek, and Ithsmus Slough in the Coos Bay Historical District. This survey was completed in 1857, 1870, and 1873 and mapped in 1857, 1872, 1873, and 1930 (Murphy & Murphy 1857; Aiken 1870; Hall 1873). Donation land claims were filed by David Betchel, William Betchel, Nathan C. Boatman, V. W. Coffin, William Duke, James Flanigan, Curtis C. Noble, Nelson Northrup, and Henry W. Sanford.



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