FIELD TRIP #3: Loon Lake "Virtual" Field Trip
Southwestern Oregon Community College [SWOCC]

Loon Lake from Huckleberry Point, Elliott State Forest, April 23, 2020. Photo by McKenzie Peters.

F 251 Recreation Resource Management
May 12, 2020

Tasha Livingstone, Instructor, Forestry/Natural Resources
Dr. Bob Zybach, Program Manager,
McKenzie Peters, Videographer, NW Maps Co.
Randy Beaty, Human Scale

This "virtual" field trip has been asembled from recent on-site videotaping, past SWOCC F 251 student reports, ORWW educational websites content, on-site oral history recordings and transcripts, maps, and photographs. The tour focuses on recreational opportunities along the northern boundary of the Elliott (Umpqua Highway 38) and the northeastern boundary along Loon Lake County Road #3 to Loon Lake. Due to current coronavirus regulations, all parking lots, boat launches, campgrounds, and public restrooms are closed at this time.

This website is a continuation of Workshop #1 Introductions; Workshop #2 Topics; Field Trip #1 Elkhorn Ranch; and Field Trip #2 Deans Mountain.

These "virtual" field trips are intended to be about 3 1/2 hours or so in length. The principal uses of this time are the current 25-minute video, previously recorded oral history interviews, maps, photos, and select written materials, linked below. These recordings and documents are primarily focused on the records, perspectives, and memories of Jerry Phillips and David Gould. Because of recording circumstances -- including wind, distance from recorder, mumbling, road rock, equipment quality, etc. -- some portions of the recordings are difficult to understand. It is recommended that headphones or high level volume settings may be helpful to better understand segments of poorly recorded spoken words. If such efforts result in identifying errors in transcriptions, please notify authors so that corrections can be made for future users.

Suggested uses of these resources include first spending 10-20 minutes becoming familiar with the organization and contents of the ORWW Loon Lake field trip website and the 2019 SWOCC handout, followed by viewing the video while tracing the route on the "virtual" field trip map -- all linked below. Each of the eleven designated stops can then be revisited by following the links to the oral history recordings while skimming the transcripts, reading other linked texts, and/or viewing the photographs specific to the three topics assigned to each student. Another option might be to pause the video at each stop while reading or listening to the accompanying links before moving on to the next stop.

Any suggestions or recommendations for improving these methods welcomed! Next week will be the fourth (of five) "virtual" field trip, from Tenmile Lakes to Benson Ridge, the West Fork of the Millicoma River, and Elk Creek. Jerry Phillips and David Gould will serve as field guides to the old Elkside Lumber Co. sawmill site, Divide Springs, the Gould brothers' cabin sites and land claims, Gould Lake, and Jerry Phillips Reserve.

ORWW Loon Lake Field Trip Website:

2019 SWOCC Loon Lake Field Trip Handout (18 pp.):

2020 SWOCC Loon Lake "Virtual" Field Trip Map:

2020 SWOCC "Virtual" Field Trip #3 Video (25:36):

Stop #1 Scottsburg Gateway

"Cyrus E. Hedden" (Barber 2011: 1-5):
"New Scottsburg Bridge construction to begin in February" (Robertson 2020: 1-3):
Scottsburg Bridge ( 2020: 1-4):

Stop #2 Scottsburg Park

"Douglas County ro reopen county parks, RV parks May 1 'on a limited basis'" ( 2020: 1-3):

Stop #3 Mill Creek Mouth

Caulked Boots and Cheese Sandwiches (Phillips 1998: 391-393):
Recording 4-A (1:10 to 8:35):
Transcript 3-B (pp. 111); 4-A (pp. 116-117):

Stop #4 Brandy Bar

"Brandy Bar aptly named" (Miller 2008: 1-3):

Stop #5 Hinsdale Gardens

Spruce Reach Island: The Oregon Coast's Secret Rhododendron Garden, Part II" (Hammond and Wylie 2008: 19-25):

Stop #6 BLM Elk Viewing

"Spruce Reach Island: The Oregon Coast's Secret Rhododendron Garden, Part I" (Hammond and Wylie 2007: 19-25):
Recording 4-A (8:35 to 17:10):
Transcript 4-A (pp. 121-123):

Stop #7 Loon Lake Lodge

Caulked Boots and Cheese Sandwiches (Phillips 1998: 131-143):
Transcript 3-A/3-B (pp. 72-73, 95-96):
Recording 3-B (0:13 to 4:14)

Stop #8 Huckleberry Point

Recording 3-A (34:33 to 47:17):
Transcript 3-A (pp. 91-94):
Photos, October 10, 2017 (4: 0894-0900):

Stop #9 BLM Campground

BLM Loon Lake Campground Website:
BLM Loon Lake Campground Map:

Stop #10 Cougar Pass Old-Growth

Recording 3-B (0:13 to 4:14)  
Transcript 3-B (pp. 96-97):

Stop #11 Indian Point

Caulked Boots and Cheese Sandwiches (Phillips 1998: 393-394):
Recording 3-B (28:36 to 47:16):  
Transcript 3-B (pp.106-113):
Photos, October 10, 2017 (2: 0917-1919):

Stop #12 Mill Creek Log Dump

Transcript 3-B (pp. 114-115):

*CORRECTION: At Stop #2 on the April 28 Deans Mountain "Virtual" Field Trip video, Bob and David discussed Road #5600 as the possible original alignment of the CCC Scholfield Ridge Road. This information has been corrected by David McClay. The road currently in use from Walker Ranch to Deans Mountain along Scholfield Ridge is the original CCC alignment. Road #5600 was a trail the CCC timber fallers walked to clear the right-of-way for the current road; in the 1960s it was developed into a logging road to accomodate timber sales from the Elliott to Elkside Lumber Co.

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