FIELD TRIP #5: Golden & Silver Falls "Virtual" Field Trip
Southwestern Oregon Community College [SWOCC]

SWOCC 251 students at Silver Falls during May 29, 2019 field trip. Photo by Anne Farrell-Matthews, SWOCC Communications Administrator.

F 251 Recreation Resource Management
May 26, 2020

Tasha Livingstone, Instructor, Forestry/Natural Resources
Dr. Bob Zybach, Program Manager,
David Gould, Field Guide, Coos Bay Timber Operators, Inc.
Roger Ott, Allegany Historian, Retired
Lionel Youst, Glenn Creek Historian, Golden Falls Publishing
McKenzie Peters, Videographer, NW Maps Co.

This "virtual" field trip has been asembled from recent on-site videotaping, past SWOCC F 251 student reports, ORWW educational websites content, oral history recordings, books, maps, and photographs. The tour focuses on transportation to and from Allegany, Golden and Silver Falls, Loon Lake, and Scottsburg by riverboat, pack trail, and early automobile. Local historians Lionel Youst and Roger Ott provide expert insight and recount personal experiences regarding these events. Roger's cousin, David Gould, remains the principal field guide.

This website is a continuation of SWOCC 2020 F 251 of two project workshops and four earlier "virtual" Elliott Forest field trips, each with a video presentation and links to relevant texts, maps, photographs, recordings, and transcripts:

These "virtual" field trips are intended to be about 3 1/2 hours or so in length. The principal uses of this time are the current one hour and 20 minute video, maps, photos, and select written materials, linked below. These recordings and documents are primarily focused on the records, perspectives, and memories of Lionel, Roger, and David. Because of recording circumstances -- including driving rain, distance from recorder, mumbling, equipment quality, etc. -- some portions of the recordings may be difficult to understand. It is recommended that headphones or high level volume settings can be helpful in better understanding segments of poorly recorded spoken words.

Suggested uses of these resources include first spending 10-20 minutes becoming familiar with the organization and contents of the ORWW Golden and Silver Falls field trip website and the 2019 SWOCC handout, followed by viewing the video while tracing the route on the "virtual" field trip map -- all linked below. Each of the six designated stops can then be revisited by following the links to provided texts and maps, and/or viewing the photographs specific to the three topics assigned to each student. Another option might be to pause the video at each stop while reading or listening to the accompanying links before moving on to the next stop.

Any suggestions or recommendations for improving these methods welcomed! This is the fifth and final "virtual" field trip, from the Allegany gateway to Golden and Silver Falls, along the East Fork Millicoma and mostly abandoned Glenn Creek County Road. Next week will be a final workshop to refine and complete the submitted reports for online display and reference on the ORWW Elliott Forest educational website.

ORWW Golden and Silver Falls Field Trip Website:

2019 SWOCC Golden and Silver Falls Field Trip Handout (9 pp.):

2020 SWOCC Golden and Silver Falls "Virtual" Field Trip Map:

2020 SWOCC "Virtual" Field Trip #5 Video (1:20:22):

Stop #1 Allegany Steamboat Landing

Above the Falls (Youst 2003: 125-129) :

Stop #2 Marlow Creek Mound

Above the Falls (Youst 2003: viii) :
She's Tricky Like Coyote: Annie Miner Peterson, an Oregon Coast Indian Woman (Youst 1997: 42, 50, 109).

Stop #3 Save the Myrtle Woods

Oregon State Parks History, 1917 – 1963 (Armstrong 1965: 100):

Stop #4 East Millicoma Splash Dams

Beckham, Dow 1990. Swift Flows the River: Log Driving in Oregon. Arago Books, Coos Bay, Oregon: 207 pp.
Above the Falls (Youst 2003: 5, 43, 55, 141, 176, 197, 203-205):

Stop #5 Brady & Neal Logging Camp

Above the Falls (Youst 2003: 90, 107, 155, 160, 182, 218) :

Stop #6 Golden and Silver Falls

Above the Falls (Youst 2003: 125-129) :

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